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The loyal fountain is good product, good idea, based on sustainable development.

Neijiang Zhongli garden art fountain factory

Neijiang Zhongli garden art fountain factory was founded in 2004 and is located in Neijiang, a beautiful sweet city. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of water landscape, which mainly designs, manufactures and installs music fountain, spa fountain, remote fountain, laser fountain and other kinds of art fountain. With the progress of mankind, the development of society and the wide application of science and technology in people's life, our factory combines high technology with human wisdom, combines the artistic modeling of the fountain perfectly with the music and light, and uses the computer three bit animation technology to simulate and dem......【Detailed Introduction】

5 Core Advantages
  • Zhong Li Idea:Pioneering and pursuing the leading position is our belief.
  • Quality Policy:Customer satisfaction is our commitment. Continuous surpassing is our driving force.
  • Company Advantages:With advanced equipment quality assurance at home and abroad, it has more than ten years of experience in design and construction.
  • Zhong Li Quality:Provide innovative, high functional, excellent quality products to meet customer needs in time.
  • Quality Policy:Quality is the most important, innovation is realistic, based on the best and excellence.

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Zhongli fountain provides customer satisfaction products and services.

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Address: E-commerce agglomeration area of Feng'an Street, Lexian Town, Shizhong District, Neijiang City,Sichuan Province,China, China: zip code: 641000